What are you GOOD at?


My mission is to help people remain fulfilled and confident in their working lives.  With no one career destination anymore, you have the opportunity to carve out what you want to achieve, where and how. Make some well informed decisions to find your purpose so that working life doesn’t feel like work.

This week I’m looking at “what are you GOOD at?” element of “IKIGAI”, a Japanese idea of finding your true purpose in life. I’m using the ideas here to look at what we should be considering when heading off on our career journey.

Do you know what you’re already good at? Your qualifications and awards are hard evidence demonstrating to yourself and everyone else what you can do successfully. Some you’ve enjoyed doing and others you may have done to do the job? You probably have many other strengths too. Being fulfilled at work means building on and using our strengths. In which case, focusing on your strengths can help to guide you to the next direction.

Strengths such as communication skills, leadership, emotional intelligence and a customer focus are all examples of transferable skills that could help you move forward to other areas of work.

Think about what your current strengths are. Do some of the freely available online quizzes and tests to identify personality traits. Ask for feedback from family, friends and work colleagues, ask them: “what three words describe me when I’m at my best?”

Add your lists of qualifications and strengths to the list of what you LOVE doing from last week.

Next time: Combining what you LOVE with what you’re GOOD at!

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