What can you be paid for?

by Yvonne Owen-Newns|10 June 2020|Employment|Jobs|Opportunities

“What job can I do?” is often the first question people ask when talking about career development. Once you have carefully considered your strengths and preferences then have a look at where you have the potential to make a good fit.

It’s easy when thinking about your future career direction to launch straight onto job vacancy listings and see what appeals. With so much information out there, it’s a bit of pot luck approach. Knowing what jobs and skills are demanded is an important step though. Make this part of your research focused with clear objectives to avoid being overwhelmed and missing potential opportunities that suit you.

Spending time doing some research into this area is worth investing in. You don’t book a holiday without spending time looking at all the options then filtering down and focusing on the ones that meet your needs before enquiring further.

Be strategic about the information you are looking for. You are aiming to make a great match between yourself, the work and the organisation. There are tasks that you can do to help with this process:

  • Look at job descriptions and person specification on job vacancy listings. List the skills, experience, qualifications etc that is being asked for. Do this for a number of jobs.
  • Know what is happening to jobs in your local area or the geographical area you’re interested in. Could you work from home? What organisations are there and likely to be there after the coronavirus crisis is over? What jobs are based there?
  • Follow organisations on social media, get to know them: their products, markets, values and culture.
  • Use professional bodies websites to find out more about careers, qualifications, skills and experienced needed.

You’re looking to make that great match between you, the job and the organisation. All this research will help towards active job searching when it comes to applying for the jobs you want. Keep on looking ahead in this way, to stay fresh and up to date with your skills and experiences.

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