From Shop Keeper to Bookkeeper

Successful Career Changers

by Yvonne Owen-Newns|6th July 2020|Employment|Career Changers

Stewart Brown moved from a successful career in retail to setting up his own bookkeeping business following redundancy. I had the the privilege to interview him recently.

I wanted to hear more about his career path which brought him to this point in his working life.  Stewart explained that, after leaving school followed by a stint in the Army, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.  He spent time trying out different jobs without any commitments holding him back.

Successful retail career

During a spell at catering he realised he wanted a life at weekends. Eventually, someone suggested retail and as he had always liked the idea gave this a try too.  It worked out. Several promotions followed to a range of store manager roles, and he built up a successful sales record.  This career gave him the job security and finances for adult life at a time when marriage and mortgages came along.

While working as a store manager, he had access to financial reports including profit and loss schedules and other account records.  These reports grabbed his attention and began to fascinate him.  At the same time, he was beginning to find that his career in retail had reached a plateau.  Stewart had moved to different stores, built them up and sometimes had to close them down.  There were some difficult and challenging times with many issues that he had to manage.  His success in increasing sales meant that, unless he moved a long distance, more promotion opportunities were closing down to him.  At this point in time, Stewart was not interested in moving into regional management roles. 

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Stewart Brown from Stewart Brown Bookkeeping Services
Changing career direction

Stewart discussed the situation with a friend and colleague who could see that he was restless.   The whole situation meant that Stewart started making plans for his future.   It was then, Stewart started studying bookkeeping and accountancy, taking exams to qualify himself.  He talked to others in the accounting field who gave him advice on working in the sector.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, he was working in a store which closed and was made redundant.  This was Stewart’s opportunity to make the leap and change his career.

Following his redundancy, Stewart was well placed to set up his own bookkeeping business.  He had studied hard for his qualifications and started by gaining some experience by doing the accounts as a favour for another business. 

Stewart is now working in a career that he is passionate about, providing him and his family with the lifestyle they want.  With planning ahead, when the time came, Stewart had the freedom to make a well-informed choice and make the change to a career that keeps him motivated and productive.

During the lockdown period Stewart can see that many of us have probably been taken the time to take a step back and consider what is important in life to us.  We can now realise that there is more to life and that there are other options that could become reality, with a little clarity of thought and planning.

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